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[UPDATED 25 MAY 2015]

4th Quarter 2014:

Baguio City

[POSTED 11 MAR 2015]

Did you know that...

Americans outnumbered Korean tourists in CAR last year? new nga e

[POSTED 22 MAY 2015]

CSC cites PSA Abra with 2014 Seal of Excellence Awardnew nga e
PSA Abra, CSC Seal of Excellence Award, PSA CARPSA Abra, CSC Seal of Excellence Award, PSA CAR
CSC cites PSA Abra with 2014 Seal of Excellence Award garnering a rating of 91.88%, Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) – Abra Provincial Statistical Office was recognized by the Civil Service Commission with the 2014 Citizen’sSatisfaction Center-Seal of Excellence Award (CSC-SEA) in a ceremony held at Venus Park View Hotel, Kisad Road, Baguio City on May 18, 2014. (Read more)
[POSTED 22 MAY 2015]



Municipal Profile of Bangued in the Province of Abra now online
[POSTED 30 MARCH 2015]

2015 Agency Release Calendar for CAR is now available

The consolidated 2015 Agency Release Calendar (ARC) for the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) can now be accessed online. The ARC is the schedule of release of statistical outputs of selected government agencies within the region. For each source agency, the ARC contains infosrmation on what statistical data are available, period covered, level of disaggregation, schedule of data release, form of output (e.g. print, e-copy and/or web download), as well as the focal person and telephone number and/or email address. For this year, a total of 24 government agencies submitted their respective ARC. (Read more)
[POSTED 26 MAR 2015]

2015 Gender Watch
In celebration of the 2015 Women's Month, PSA-CAR releases the 2015 Gender Watch: Women and Men in the Cordilleras.
[POSTED 26 MAR 2015]

Did you know that the PNP handled 645 cases of violence against women in the Cordilleras last year?
[POSTED 17 MAR 2015]

Fourth Quarter 2014 StatWatch now available

Regional StatWatch
Provincial StatWatch

Baguio City
[POSTED 11 MAR 2014]

BLISTT area retains status as the least poor in CAR

BLISTT area keeps its status as among the least poor city and municipalities in the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR). This is according to the latest Small Area Estimates (SAE) of poverty prepared by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). BLISTT refers to Baguio City and the adjacent Benguet municipalities of La Trinidad, Itogon, Sablan, Tuba and Tublay. (Read more)
[POSTED 2 MAR 2015]

Did you know that the Cordillera region contributes bulk of the country’s cabbage production?
[POSTED 24 FEB 2015]

Third Quarter 2014 StatWatch now available

Regional StatWatch
Provincial StatWatch

Baguio City
[POSTED 30 OCT 2014]

CAR celebrates the 25th National Statistics Month
The Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) celebrates the 25th year of the National Statistics Month or NSM this October 2014. This annual month-long celebration started in 1990 by virtue of Presidential Proclamation No. 647 signed by the late President Corazon C. Aquino on 20 September 1990. The yearly celebration aims to promote, enhance and instill nationwide awareness and appreciation of the importance and value of statistics in the different sectors of Philippine society. The NSM also serves as a vehicle for ensuring the cooperation and support of the general public in upgrading the quality and standards of statistics in the country. (Read more)
[POSTED 1 OCT 2014]

Tourist arrivals in the Cordilleras grow in 2013
Tourist arrivals in the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) grew by 22.8 percent last year or from 907,830 travelers in 2012 to 1,114,440 in 2013. The decline by 18.0 percent of visiting overseas Filipinos or balikbayan was offset by the increase in both domestic and foreign visitors which grew by 22.0 percent and 33.3 percent, respectively. The increase in tourists in CAR was due to the influx of domestic travelers which comprised 90.5 percent to the regional total. This is based on the latest statistical report of the region’s Department of Tourism (DOT-CAR). (Read more)
[POSTED 20 AUG 2014]

Fire Statistics

[POSTED 14 May 2014]



The National Statis-tical Coordination Board(NSCB), along with three other agencies namely, the National Statis-tics Office (NSO), the Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics (BLES), and the Bureau of Agricultural Statis-tics (BAS) shall be known as the PHILIPPINE STATISTICS AUTHORITY (PSA) starting December 29, 2013 as per Republic Act 10625 otherwise known as the Philippine Statis-tical Act of 2013.





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MAY 2014 :
Six out of ten college enrollees in CAR are women

SEPT 2013:
Crime Incidence in the Cordilleras declines in
2nd Quarter 2013

JUL 2013: Cordillera economy slows down as Industry contracts

2014 Panagbenga


2014 Regional Social & Economic Trends - CAR

The Regional Social and Economic Trends (RSET) continues to be the only regular publication in the region that presents annual multi-sectoral data.

The 2009 RSET is now available in CDROM. Please visit or contact us on how to avail of the publication.

[POSTED 24 MAR 2015]



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