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Today is: May 28, 2015
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(Posted 31 March 2015)

PSA Conducts In-House GAD Seminar

GAD SeminarThe Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Regional Statistical Service Office VIII successfully conducted an In-House Gender and Development (GAD) Seminar to its employees last March 13, 2015 at PSA Training Room, Tacloban City.       

Ms. Paulina A. Nayra, an Accredited Trainer of the   Philippine Commission  on Women  (PCW) served as Resource Person.

She facilitated a Gender Sensitivity Workshop to RSSO and Leyte PSO staff by grouping them into four and engaging them in question and answer activities focusing on GAD concepts.     

She also discussed the salient features of R.A. 9710 or the Magna Carta of Women, a comprehensive law that recognizes women’s basic rights and seeks to eliminate discrimination against women by recognizing, protecting, fulfilling and promoting the rights of Filipino women.
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(Posted 16
March 2015)

About half or 48.6% of married women in Eastern Visayas decide
on use of their own cash earnings

About half or 48.6% of currently married women aged 15-49 in Eastern Visayas mainly decide on how their own earnings will be spent (Figure 1).

The proportion of women who decide independently on their earnings increased from 43.0% in 2008 to 48.6% in 2013 (Table 1).  This was based on the results of the National Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS) being conducted by the Philippine Statistics Authority every five years.
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   (Posted 24 February 2015)

PSA Conducts Basic Training on Civil Registration

StatNews on Civil Registration Training

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Regional Statistical Service Office VIII successfully conducted a Basic Training on Civil Registration for PSA Employees last February 17-18, 2015 at PSA Training Room, Leyte SR Building, Artemio Mate Avenue, Tacloban City. 

The two-day training was intended to orient a total of 36 employees from the  former  NSCB and  BAS,  including those  coming  from  Provincial Offices, (Full Text)





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  (Posted 03 February 2015)

Requests for civil registry documents at Tacloban Census Serbilis
Center in 2014 highest in May

Fact SheetRequests for civil registry documents in Security Paper (SecPa) and authentication services at Census Serbilis Center - Tacloban City was highest in the month of May with 35,864 transactions or 19.0 percent of the total transactions in 2014 (Table 1).  This can be attributed to enrolment requirements of the students for the incoming school year in June. (Full Text)

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    (Posted 14 October 2014)


PSA Spearheads Interagency Tree Planting Activity   

PSA Tree Planting Activity

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) spearheaded the Interagency Mangrove and Beach Forest Tree Planting Activity in Eastern Visayas conducted last October 10, 2014 at Brgy. Salvacion, Palo, Leyte.    

The activity was sponsored by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Regional Office 8 and CENRO-Palo.  (Full Text)





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