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  "Mango Country"

Facts and Figures

Land Area : 604.6 sq. km (2004)
No. of  Municipalities: (As of September, 2003)
No. of  Barangays: 98 (As of September, 2003)
Total Population:
141,450 (As of May 1, 2000

Population Growth Rate:
2.43% (1995-2000)
Income Class: Fourth

Consumer Price Index: 120.3 (2004)
Inflation Rate: 6.4 (2004)
No. of  Tertiary Schools: 2 (SY 2003-2004)
No. of  Licensed Hospitals: 1 (2003)
Telephone Loads: 829 (2003)
Telephone Density: 0.6 per 100
population  (2003) 
No. of  Elementary Schools:
     Public:   99 (SY 2003-2004)
     Private:  4 (SY 2003-2004)
No. of  Secondary Schools:
     Public :  15 (SY 2003-2004)
     Private:  3 (SY 2003-2004)
No. of  Resorts: 25 (2003)
No. of  Motor Vehicles Registered: 4,612 (2004) 
No. of  Establishments (3rd Qtr. 2004)
     Business Name Registration:
Water Transport Facilities:
      123 Pump Boats
          5 Ferry Boats
          1 Roll on-Roll off (RoRo)
Guimaras is the youngest and smallest of the six component provinces of the Western Visayas Region (Region 6). Known as the "Mango Country", Guimaras Island has 8,000 hectares of mango orchards managed by corporations and individual growers. The province's mango orchards produce the best mango variety certified as pest-free by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Declared as a full-pledged province on May 22,1992, Guimaras has also been proclaimed as the "island to watch" due to unspoiled natural beauty as for its potential.

The province is composed of five municipalities, namely: Jordan, the provincial capital; Buenavista; Nueva Valencia; and the newly created Sibunag and San Lorenzo. Guimaras occupies about 3% of the region's total land area.

The  fastest route to the province is by means of a pump boat which is about 10-15 minutes ride from Iloilo City.

Guimaras has fascinating vacation spots such as:
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