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Philippine Statistical Yearbook (PSY)

Frequency of Publication & Date of Release

Annual, available by October every year

Publication Contents & Uses

Contains a comprehensive compilation of major economic and social statistical information about the Philippines, its people and environment and selected countries of the world produced by various government agencies, international organizations, non-governmental organizations and some private institutions for planners, decision-makers, researchers and other users to guide them in the formulation of plans, programs and policies and analytical studies.

Time Span of Data Contents

Time series ranging from twelve to twenty-four years

Geographic Area Covered

National, regional and provincial/key city for some sectors/data

Data Contents


  • Agricultural area and volume and value of production
  • Livestock and poultry inventory and animals slaughtered
  • Agricultural and fishery products exports and imports
  • Volume and value of fish and aquaculture production
  • Area and beneficiaries of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform program
  • Agricultural loans
  • Fertilizer production, importation and consumption
  • Cooperatives
  • Rainfall, temperature and cyclones


Economic accounts:

  • Gross national and domestic product and regional domestic product, total and per capita
  • Implicit price index
  • Gross value added by sector/industry
  • Gross domestic capital formation
  • Input-output accounts
  • Flow of funds capital accounts



  • Schools, enrolment and graduates
  • Textbooks
  • Budget of the Department of Education Culture and Sports
  • No. of examinees who passed the Bar/Board examinations


Energy and water resources:

  • Energy and petroleum products sales and consumption
  • Crude oil sources
  • Power generation and installed generating capacities of power utilities
  • Organized water districts
  • Irrigated, benefited and generated areas and irrigation development


Establishment characteristics: industrial sector;

  • General statistics and selected characteristics of manufacturing establishments
  • Gross value of output and index of value of production, employment and compensation mining production
  • Private building construction, paid-up capital investments and capital increases and withdrawals
  • Equity investments in projects approved by the Board of Investments


Foreign trade: balance of payments;

  • Export and imports
  • Direction of trade
  • Balance of payments


Income and prices:

  • No. of families and total and average family income and expenditures and distribution Main source of income
  • Poverty threshold and incidence
  • Consumer price index
  • Retail price index
  • General wholesale price index


International statistics:

  • World population, birth and death, surface area and density, growth of gross domestic Product, index numbers of food and agricultural production
  • Selected Asian countries gross domestic product, domestic investment, savings, Inflation rate, merchandise imports and exports, current account balance and debt service ratio


Labor and employment:

  • Household population and employed and unemployed persons
  • Labor force, participation rate, employment status
  • Minimum wage rates
  • Overseas contract workers
  • Local/independent and public sector unions
  • Collective bargaining agreements
  • Strikes, no. of workers involved and man-days lost


Money and banking:

  • Money supply and domestic liquidity
  • Gross domestic credits of depository money banks
  • Total loans and investments outstanding
  • Deposit liabilities and deposit accounts
  • Total assets and liabilities
  • Loans and agricultural credit granted by and loans, equities and resources of Development banks
  • Financial condition, trends of investments and sources and application of funds of the GSIS
  • Expenditures, assets, investments and earnings and revenues and trust fund generated from the operations of the SSS


Natural resources:

  • Land classification
  • Reforestation and forest destruction
  • Production of logs, lumber, plywood and veneer, round wood and other processed wood products and non-timber forest products
  • Mineral reserves


Population and housing:

  • Population and its composition/distribution
  • Land area and density
  • Population projections
  • Registered Filipino emigrants
  • Rent price index


Public finance and administration:

  • National government cash budget, revenues and expenditures
  • Local government revenues/income and expenditures
  • Financial status of public investment program
  • Internal debt outstanding and holders of outstanding government domestic securities;


Public order, safety and justice:

  • Crime rate, traffic accidents and damages and incidence of fire and damages
  • Policemen and firemen ratio to population
  • Raids and persons arrested on drug incidents
  • Inflow and outflow of cases by type of court and cases handled, terminated and Pending and clientele assisted by the Public Attorney’s Office


Science and technology:

  • Technologies commercialized and diffused by the DOST system
  • R&D projects completed and researches contracted and joint ventures of the DOST system
  • Scholars awarded by the DOST system


Social services:

  • Families and family members reached and service headcount
  • Institutions/centers/facilities involved in the distribution of social services
  • Coverage and contributions and benefits paid by the GSIS and SSS
  • Damages caused by natural disasters
  • Disaster Coordinating Councils, control groups and members/volunteers trained



  • Visitor arrivals
  • Overseas Filipino arrivals
  • Tourist receipts
  • No. of rooms and occupancy rates of hotels


Transportation and communication:

  • Passenger and freight carried and revenues of the Philippine National Railways
  • Motor vehicles registered
  • Shipping movements in domestic and international ports
  • Operating and traffic statistics of the Philippine Airlines and other international carriers
  • Airports and operational ports
  • Public roads and existing bridges
  • Radio stations, telecommunication facilities and broadcasting and radio stations Telephone distribution
  • Mail volume handled
  • Regional commodity flow


Vital, health and nutrition:

  • Registered marriages, births and deaths and rates
  • Mortality and morbidity
  • Life expectancy
  • Notifiable diseases
  • Estimates of vital statistics
  • Per capita available food supply and calorie and nutrient values and per capita food consumption and nutrient intake
  • Hospitals and bed capacity
  • Government doctors, nurses, dentists, and other medical practitioners
  • Service delivery of the Department of Health, non-government organizations and other government organizations
  • Barangay health stations, rural health units, establishments involved in food and drug production and distribution

Estimated No. of Pages:  About 650 pp.

Other Dissemination Format: CDROM/E-mail


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